High Quality M&A, genuine work-life balance - Ref 096 - Sydney and Melb

  • Leading independent advisory team
  • Genuine focus on a sustainable, enjoyable working environment
  • High quality ex bulge bracket IB bench

We hear this line quite often.... "I really enjoy M&A.... just not at 2am every day". And it's true - the strategic nature of M&A, the high level dialogue that advisers are exposed to, the variety of sectors or situations they work across, the quality of their colleagues, the pace, the intellectual challenge, not to mention the financial reward. These are all of the attractive and engaging features of life as an M&A advisor. We are also all aware of the downside, which mostly boils down to grueling hours, a lack of control and continuous marketing. The question we ask however is, is life outside of banking that much easier, or stimulating, stable or indeed sustainable as people are led to believe. Certainly in some areas, but it's not consistent nor is it guaranteed, and proper diligence on the nature of corporate or buy-side career opportunities is sometimes challenging.

We strongly encourage bankers and advisers who are considering their career paths to consider M&A for all of its upside, for which there is plenty, but in a culture that fits, and perhaps in this case a model that focuses on balance, stability and considered career development. Yes, it does exist.

Our client is an established, closely knit and highly motivated group of ex investment bankers who enjoy what they do, are extremely successful at it, and have created a working environment that is genuinely more sustainable over the longer term than many others in the market. They maintain some fantastic client relationships across a broad range of industries and are often the first call when it comes to a corporate event or strategy. The balance of deal execution and advice to marketing is very favorable. And their compensation levels are competitive with any of the integrated platforms.

We are keen to speak with experienced Associates or VPs, ideally in investment banking, who are considering their options as they approach bonus season.

Apply below or contact Tim Gadaleta at tgadaleta@eastpartnership.com.au